Soft Heart/ Corazón Blando

Video instalation, O’higgins, Chile, 2023.  8’16” min.Video installation presented during the international residency program “Somewhere Called O’higgins” produced by Food Designation. Link to video In 2022, I participated in the artistic residency “Somewhere called O’higgins” produced by the organization Food Designation. The aim of the residency was to give value to the last generation of […]

Seder E-tarbut

Evento online que celebró la pascua judía combinando un festival de artes con una cena comunitaria, pensado para las personas de la tercera edad que estaban solas durante el aislamiento por COVID-19. «Hitarbut» (הִתְעָרְבוּת) significa interrupción, interferencia, intervención.El COVID-19 interrumpió nuestras vidas tal como eran hasta hace poco. No sabemos hasta cuándo estaremos así, pero […]

Water my Plant/ Riega mi planta

Con Agustín Jais, Mestizo Arts Festival, Belgium/Argentina, 2016-2017 An artistic research into cultural ecologies towards the creation of alternative institutional relations between Belgium and Argentina. Ten cultural organizations were linked through exchanging scale models of their buildings, that helped trigger experimental collaborations between its managers. Moderating the exchanges and documenting the process in different media, […]


One night-only table installation with objects made of bread, embroidery and downloaded texts. The participatory ritual was based on a Jewish reading of the peer-to-peer network «Soulseek» and aimed to conjure energies for next year. with Agustín Jais 2-dic @ Matienschön / Club Cultural Matienzo _ Soulseek es una red y un software peer-to-peer. Creado […]

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